What a mug!

Canidae Dog Food

Just for reference - this is the new dog food we are feeding Stella (and Rufus) ever since she had her hives break out. So far so good - they both love the food and they are doing good on it. http://www.canidae.com/


A few recent pics

Here are some really cute new pics of me and Stella - we both love to sleep!

Tell Your Bulldog Story

If you have a bulldog with the same challenges as Stella, primarily the hypoplastic trachea, but all breathing related issues are of interest - then send me your story! Lets help get the word out there on how to help our beautiful friends have a better quality of life! Send me a picture of your dog and his/her name, age, what the issues are, and any tips or tricks you have found that make things easier! And if you are using the lemon to help your bully - post a video!