Health Update and Thoughts on Spay Surgery

I wanted to write a quick update on Stella, she's doing great so far, although the warmer weather definitely gets her more out of breath sooner.

We probably give her the equivalent of about a half a lemon every other day or so, and she bites it, licks it, plays with it until there is literally nothing left but a lemon peel. So if you are wondering how much actual lemon juice she gets - squeeze out a half a lemon into a squirt bottle and see if you can get that down your Bulldog's throat. Of course, lots of that juice comes out the sides of her mouth while she is playing with or biting the lemon.

I never cease to be amazed at the amount of phlegm she spits up after the lemon juice and a bit of activity, and how much better she sounds and feels from getting it out.

Another dilemma we are going through is whether to spay her or not. Surgery is always risky with these dogs, but with her and her extra small airway, we are especially nervous. We know its the best for her long term health, but we have run into 3 different bulldog owners in the past 3 weeks who lost their first bulldog during spay or neutering surgery. Does anyone have any thoughts or experiences with this process and decision? If so, please post. We don't have any intention of breeding her, never did, but I am really worried about an "elective" surgery, vs. just putting up with the once every 6 months heat cycle. Our vet has told us it could be detrimental to not spay her, as they can develop issues from remaining "intact" and not reproducing, which I believe. But for now, she doesn't have any surgery scheduled.