Update - January 2009

I am happy to report Stella has been doing well. We usually end up giving her some lemons at least a few times a week, whenever she has been extra spazzy or gotten a few good romps with Rufus in before we can calm her down. They seem to really do the trick, she manages to spit up some phlegm and feels good as new! She is doing well with her food, Prairie, and we mix in canned food to the dry to keep her weight up (she actually isn't a food hog at all, contrary to many bulldog stories I have heard).

I will post some more pics soon, and really glad to hear the info I have been posting to this blog is helping other dog owners out there. I don't know what I would do without the joy both my dogs bring to my life, and Stella is a very special little creature. I consider it a privilege to care for her and her brother Rufus, they make me laugh, provide enduring friendship and love, keep me safe, and remind me to enjoy the moment.