Helping Out

OK - I don't randomly post about non-bulldog things but I am compelled to after seeing a great news story about a wonderful animal shelter. While I definitely LOVE my bulldog and my other dog, I really feel strongly that all animals deserve the chance for a nice life. This organization is really helping out, especially as all sorts of animals are being abandoned or left to die by people or farms that simply can't afford to care for them any longer. We often think about how people are affected during tough economic times, but this story reminded my about the animals who are being affected as well. Consider donating to the Circle L Ranch, even just $5 - if everyone gave just a little, think how many animals could live out their lives the way they deserve to.



Update on our friend Lucas!

Just got this great email update from Debra on their one year old EB Lucas. What a cute bully!

"Hi Tracey,

It has been some time since I wrote you. My EB Lucas was diagnosed with a hypoplastic trachea when he was about 10 wks or so. Over the winter he had his nares widened, and palate surgery done. Happy to say we celebrated his 1st birthday on April 5th.

Just wanted to update you and send a couple of pictures.