A new issue

First, I apologize for not posting for a while. Stella's breathing issues have been great - thanks to the constant lemon treatments clearing the phlegm out. We travel with lemon, keep lots in the house, we are never without them! However, Stella has developed a new issue, less serious but irritating to her and her parents. She is obsessed with her butt. She constantly tries to get you to scratch her, and when left to her own devices, she sits and spins on any carpet she can find! A trip to the vet found she did have one anal gland that needed to be cleared out (yuk), but that didn't seem to resolve things. We are now giving her a low dose steroid to see if that will help calm things down, I will post an update when we see how it all turns out. In the mean time, any other bulldog parents have similar issues? The vet has checked for anything serious and can't see any problems with her rear, so we are hoping she will forget about it soon, its becoming an obsession.