Stella's Doing Great at 6!

Stella passed a milestone the other day - she turned six! We had vets tell us she'd never see this day - and we fully expect her to easily see another six if not more. She's doing great (knock on wood) and while we still have to deal with things like allergies (her feet swell pretty badly and we give her benadryl throughout the summer) and keeping her calm - it's nothing life threatening. She's spending the summer snoozing, going on short cool walks with the family, and just generally being a happy English Bulldog. I hope that all of you who've written in, posted, and shared your stories in the past are doing well and hoping the same for your four legged family members. If anyone has any updates, feel free to post them. And yes - Stella still gets regular lemon juice squirts and still produces big phlegm blobs that allow her to breathe easier and are hopefully preventing her from developing things like pneumonia, etc.