A Visual Example

For everyone who has been commenting on Stella's lemon treatments and how they keep her breathing in good shape - I wanted to share a real world example of what she spits up after she gets a few good squirts of lemon juice. Sorry, its pretty gross, but its a sight for sore eyes when I see it, as it means she's getting it out of her trachea, and its not going down into her lungs!


  1. i have a 7 yr Bulldog fighting pnemonia...giving her steam treatments and just started lemons...does it really work? how long does it take to start bringing up stuff?

  2. Hello!
    I certainly hope the lemon trick works for your bulldog too. I generally take a lemon, cut it in half, remove the seeds, and then get Stella to try to bite it while I hold it (turn it into a game for her). When she bites it, I give it a good squeeze to try to get lots of juice down her throat. Typically after a few good squeezes and a bit of her running around trying to get the lemon, she hacks up a few of those piles of phlegm. It works best for her when I give her the lemon right after she's had a bit too much activity, and we are worried the phlegm will build up, settle into her lungs and end up turning into pneumonia. However, I have no real ideas on how long it should take or if it works with all dogs. Please let me know if it works for your dog, and keep up the steam treatments too! Sometimes, once the dog already has pneumonia, the lemons might be too late. However, down the road you should try using them to keep your dog from developing it - its worked wonders for Stella. Good luck and thanks for your question! Looking forward to hearing back from you on your progress.

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  3. thank you...i will let you know how Daisy makes out...

  4. Great - do let us know if the lemons help Daisy out! Feel free to send along any other health related tips or suggestions down the road. I hope to continue to add to this blog as we find new creative solutions for keeping the bulldog happy and healthy! Good luck to you and Daisy!