Stella and Rufus survive Thanksgiving!

Thanks to lots of lemons, and a diet of boiled chicken and white rice, Stella has survived another Thanksgiving! Due to all the activity she was having, we had given her too much canned food vs. her hard food, in an attempt to keep it down better (she tends to throw up a bit more on the hard food than the canned food) - but it turned into a bad case of diahhreah (Sorry Super 8 Room 111). The chicken and rice always does the trick though - so we managed to only have a few troublesome events.

We are currently looking into getting some home oxygen therapy to give Stella when she gets really bad - I will post to the blog to report whether it seems worth it in the long term (initial costs are going to be around $300-$400, and you do need a perscription from your vet). Our vet is going to talk to the Oxygen company about the dosage and how to train us to use it since its for a dog not a person - should be interesting! Anyhow - here is a recent pic of the cuties chilling out at the grandparents house over Thanksgiving.


  1. Help! I have been doing research tonight doing searches for help with bulldogs with pneumonia. We have a girl bullie, ironically same age as yours (born 7/29/06-got her from bulldogs in the pines in PA, it's shocking really they look exactly alike). Anyway, as soon as we brought her home she started with the girgling, raspy breathing etc. She went on antibiotics the first few months. Had her fixed at 6 months, and she had the nose done, soft palate ok, with Dr. Bassett in Rockville (does alot of help with bulldog rescue) anyway yesterday she came down with amonnia and is now at the emergency hospital and I'm paniced. Saw the video on your website and they sound exactly alike. A friend of mine had told me about a vet in Reisterstown who specializes in bulldogs (Dr. Ed F. Molesworth) have you heard of him? I'm thinking that may be our next route. Definitely going to try the lemon juice. Anyway, please e-mail me, I really want to hear who you go to and what you have been doing to help her. Thanks, Elke@ElkeSellsHomes.com

  2. Hi! Wanted to give you an update. Lu-Lu is doing quite well. We had her nostrils widened with a laser with Doctor Basset in Rockville (Pet Dominion). We had it done when she was a puppy and we had noticed they had started to close again. We took her in the day after christmas, she was still wheezing, breathing rough, snoring loud, coughing somewhat,etc. Well the night we got her home you could tell a drastic difference. She was breathing very clear. Within 2 days all coughing, wheezing, snoring everything was gone! Highly recommend it. Lu-lu is a totally different dog. She's sleeping through the night, no more of that standing up and panting that she used to do. When I have a chance I'll post a picture on my website of Lu with her new nose- site is www.ElkeSellsHomes.com.

  3. Hi, Just wondering how you went with the oxygen therapy. Did you proceed with it?

    We've got two British Bulldogs, our female, Lira is 11 and the male, Benson is 7. Benson recently started having breathing problems, tongue turning blue, we naturally took him to the vet who operated and found prolapsed laryngeal saccules which were removed. He also trimmed Benson's soft palate and enlarged his nostrils at the same time.

    The one thing that the vet couldn't answer is that if Benson was struggling for air, then why wasn't he panting? His breathing was shallow.

    It's been a week now, and whilst Benson is recovering he's still requiring oxygen so we are looking at ways of administering this. He currently has a nasal tube stitched in, but we don't know how long he can keep that in.

    If you proceeded with oxygen, can you say how you administered it, etc.


  4. hi Barb!

    We did get the oxygen tank and hose, and attached a large plastic cup to the end. Luckily we haven't needed it thanks to the fruit juices keeping her airway clear, but the few times we tried she really didn't like it. Our vet suggested a Elizabethan collar with the oxygen tube come in at the base so the oxygen just kind of blows up towards her nose and mouth. Haven't tried that yet. Good luck with your guy, really hoping his surgery makes a big difference once he's all healed. Keep us posted!