We love Benadryl!!!

OK - I don't know if its the Benadryl or not, but our bulldog Stella has never been better! She is not puking up after eating or drinking (which she often does, especially if she plays right afterwards), not getting phlegmy, not hacking up phlegm, not getting as out of breath, and in general seeming to be feeling great! Now we are still weaning her off the steroids she was on for the allergic reactions, and tapering down the benadryl doseage, so I will post again in a week or so and report on how she's doing. However, if her problems were partly stemming from some sort of allergy which was causing the excessive phlegm, which then was causing her to have difficulty breathing and may have even been a factor in her pneumonia, well, then I will have to consider discussing long term benadryl options with my vet. If anyone else has had luck with benadryl and their bulldog, let me know!


  1. We use Benadryl frequently for our 4 yr old male EB and he does really well on it. During bad times of year (changing leaves, etc.), he takes 2 25 mg. capsules twice a day. It keeps him from spitting up that horrible yellow phlegm and he seems to feel better on it.

  2. ok, but i will say this from a human perspective lol.. you already know i believe the benadryl would work wonders on the phlegm/mucous production, and i really believe that would improve her breathing SO much.. however, i didnt know she was still on steroids, and i must say, and i can only speak from my own personal human experiences.... the steroids i was on when i would have flare ups, made me feel like i didnt even have asthma. ever in my life... like asthma didnt even exist and my lungs could survive a full sprint 100 mile marathon lol.. honestly they were like a wonder drug, unfortunately with many horrible side effects. .. espectially long term or id have begged to stay on them. is she still currently on the steroids or have they stopped? if you stop the steroids and the condition seems to worsen, even while on benadryl, i would seriously recommend taking her to a vet that might try treating her for asthma. sometimes i wonder if vets that see bulldogs kinda dismiss the fact that they could have asthma, by kinda sweeping it all under " bulldogs just have breathing problems" blanket. you know what i mean? to me, when i watch stelleee suffering, i can FEEL how shes breathing because ive been there. labored and such.. and then finally id be able to cough something out and breathe a bit better for a while... and the whole thing would start over again. the drug used to treat asthma is a corticosteroid, its a form of steroid without the nasty but awesome properties which unfortunately cause the nasty side effects.it can be used daily without any harm ... anyways... having both asthma and allergies, and having battled them both for so long to finally get to where i am now.. ive been through the worst of it yanno? and for me? my asthma was all allergy related... so perhaps stella could have the same thing going on?? just my two pennies lol.. you know ive got a pocket full :">

  3. I have the same problem with my Pulgas ( English Bullodg)
    I love him to death and I was really sad to hear that the vet was going prescribe him to take steroids :(
    Today is going to be the first day for his meds
    wish me luckkk

  4. I have a question. I got my EB 2 weeks ago, his name is Artie, he is now 8 weeks old, and for the last week he's had a bad cough. I've been very worried about his so my girlfriend turned me to this blog and instantly found your posts both informative as well as sweet. Artie is taking antibiotics and cough and congestion suppressants. His X-rays came out negative, his GI system is fine, but this week long cough is really depressing to see him not doing well. He did not eat at all yesterday, I am force feeding him pedialyte but his meds he has avoided to swallow or digest, I am hoping you can advice me with this issue. I really enjoy your blog and I will keep an eye out for Stella's progress, and I hope one day Artie has as much fun as she does. Do you think giving him lemons for his cough would benefit Artie's condition?

  5. a -

    keep Artie on the meds he may just have kennel cough. Whatever your vet says stick with that. I wouldn't try the lemons right now - when he's not well and not keeping anything down, and he's pretty young. Just make sure you are taking him to a vet that really knows bulldogs, and keep him calm and hopefully keeping food and water down soon. I will be sending good thoughts for Artie - good luck and let me know how he does!

  6. Thalvor, hi its A (alex), well Artie had his second b-12 shot today and again tomorrow, but my vet tells me that after all the meds he's had, improvement should have been noticeable by now. She also fears that Artie might be have distemper.
    This is heartbreaking! It is just so sad to see my puppy not want to eat or drink, the struggle of having to medicate him and feed him, and watching him cough and see fluids just outflow from nose, but none worst than seeing his tired and defeated look in his eyes...it is just so painful to me.
    Artie is my first ever pet, and I did so much research on bulldogs and I felt that this breed was just perfect for me, but never in a wildest dreams did I think this would happen to ME!! I asked my breeder if this had ever happened to her with prior sold puppies, she said this is the first one that has had issues, she feels bad, and she assures me that she'd reimburse my purchase price, but to be honest money will not replace the attachment I've developed with Artie. I've had him since Feb, 21 and since day 3 I noticed his health get worst. My vet and breeder tell me that if by tomorrow I see no improvement, than I should put his to sleep. It's been 12 hours since the shot, and he's the same, if not a little bit more lifeless. I've cried all day and had just many thoughts cross my mind, but it just comes down to how unlucky myself and Artie card we got dealt. This is just to painful.

  7. Alex, I am so sorry. At least Artie is in kind hands that will ensure he doesn't suffer needlessly. My thoughts are with you and Artie, and again I am so sorry.