Stella and Rufus survive Thanksgiving!

Thanks to lots of lemons, and a diet of boiled chicken and white rice, Stella has survived another Thanksgiving! Due to all the activity she was having, we had given her too much canned food vs. her hard food, in an attempt to keep it down better (she tends to throw up a bit more on the hard food than the canned food) - but it turned into a bad case of diahhreah (Sorry Super 8 Room 111). The chicken and rice always does the trick though - so we managed to only have a few troublesome events.

We are currently looking into getting some home oxygen therapy to give Stella when she gets really bad - I will post to the blog to report whether it seems worth it in the long term (initial costs are going to be around $300-$400, and you do need a perscription from your vet). Our vet is going to talk to the Oxygen company about the dosage and how to train us to use it since its for a dog not a person - should be interesting! Anyhow - here is a recent pic of the cuties chilling out at the grandparents house over Thanksgiving.