Stella Update! Long Grow the Lemon!

Just a quick update to let everyone know we have abandoned our regimen of Benadryl - it just seemed to not really do much in the long run. What DOES work is a constant lemon half as a fun toy that she gets a few good bites on every few days. Seriously, I can't begin to convey how much this simple treatment helps her, and how amazed I am that more vets haven't heard about it for helping difficult breathers. We also have her on a new food that is a simple protein source, and she seems to have much better results with this than the last round. She still vomits up fresh food right after eating when she is getting "phlegmy" - or is too active right after eating, but if she is feeling clear from her lemon treatments and isn't trying to wrestle Rufus or the kittie, she is holding it down pretty well!

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