The Entire Lemon Treatment!

OK - I finally got a Flip video camera and have captured the entire process of getting our bulldog Stella to bite the lemon halves, and how the lemon juice then breaks up her phlegm, allowing her to breathe easier! Its kind of gross - but it beats the hell out of having a bulldog with pneumonia or just not feeling well. The phlegm she spit up in this video is relatively small compared to what I have seen come out of her. After a few of these events, she is generally feeling and breathing MUCH better!

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  1. Hello, My name is Caitlin and I have the exact same dog as you in Columbia, only male. He is in the ICU right now for pneumonia, in the oxygen tank. He has the hypoplastic trachea. He has his elongated soft palate and larynx modified. Contact me if you can at caleebean@aol.com. If you are still in Baltimore, I would love to get some advice.