Update on Stella

Well, good news to report. Stella has been doing well for the past few months. Yes, we still give her lemons to chew on every few days or so. Yes, she still spits up huge nasty phlegm blobs. Yes, we have to give her frequent time-outs. Yes, she is still happy, loving life and bringing tons of joy into our lives! How is everyone else doing out there? Make sure to leave any updates on your dog's story, especially any tips on how you are keeping them healthy and happy.


  1. Wow! You like lemons, Stella! No way would mom ever get me to eat them! YUK!
    You sure are adorable snoring away!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. Our EB Ozzie seems to have a little more nasal drip than usual. I assume he is subject to the same allergies that I suffer from due to the tree pollen this time of year. It's time to refill his anti-histamine! I use lemon too when Ozzie gets "choked up"! Stella is a beauty!

  3. AWwwww, she's adorable! Speckles snores louder than that!!! And lays on her back too!!! Her allergies are driving her nuts with the pollen, went to the vet yesterday. Doesn't affect her eyes, nose, etc. it gets her skin really bad. Itchy and blotchy and gets infected. Ifeel bad for her, she rubs on everything inthe house!!!

  4. Hey! First off Im ecstatic that I found your blog and that your EB is living a healthy life with a hypoplastic trachea. My EB Bacon was just diagnaosed with it yesterday. Worried sick and my vet telling me she didnt have any knowledge on the issue so she would send me to a specialist 3 hours away I googled it. Thank goodness I did! I gave Bacon a half a lemon yesterday and he seemed to enjjoy or tolerate it (I think he just liked the game.) He however did not cough up anything. I was wondering did it take a couple of times for Stella to cough it up or did it work the first time? Im praying that this treatment works because Bacon is our child. If you have any info on something else I can do to please feel free to email me at sbattista2008@yahoo.com


  5. Shaunna,
    Stella only spits up the phlegm when she has had a big build up. If there isn't any in there, or not too much, the lemon juice still helps I think, but it probably just helps break it up and move through her system vs. having to come up. However, its good to get your dog to think of the lemon as a game, then when he needs it that will go better. Keep us posted, keep him calm and don't let him get too crazy and good luck!

  6. Hi just bump into your blog due to my wife and I having a bully ourselves.Thank you for hte opportunity for posting. Please update it more frequently. We love your posts and learn a lot. Well our bully has skin issues or allergy issues. We are trying to figure it out but we are controlling it with benadryl and meds. Also he did the spinning around and he had a cork tail so it would keep his poop inside or stuck there and thus getting it infected. We had to cut it cause mentally it was messing with him. Since then no tail but he loves life. Thank you once again! Stella is beautiful!

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  8. Thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog and learning a few things to help out my English Bulldog Sid.

    Thanks for the lemon advice, I need to try that.