Trouble with Allergies Turning into Infections

Stella has had shortness of breath for the past few days, and some trembling, which had us concerned. This morning we took her into the vets (we go to Doc Side Vets in Fells Point, Baltimore) and they took a look. Turns out her lungs looked a little cloudy and interestingly enough, we had been in almost exactly to the day, two years ago, with X-Rays to compare today's to. We have also just switched our air conditioners off, and gone to open windows as the temperature is cooling off. This makes us wonder, as well as our vet, if Stella has seasonal allergies. I wish we would have thought about this before she got sick, and started her on some Benadryl. But alas, we didn't.

So now she has what can best be described as the possible beginnings of pneumonia. We won't know for sure until the blood tests come back but they started her on antibiotics anyhow, just to be safe. They also told us to start giving her Benadryl and they prescribed her another med often used to treat asthma. (Theophyline - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theophylline). The vet thinks this should do the trick, but we are going to be on the look out for this issue when the seasons change again and allergies flare up. If your dog has been acting like breathing is difficult lately, consider this a possibility.

Another nice result of the vet trip today is that they pulled up this blog and watched some of the videos, and are now well aware of the benefits of the lemon. We had been trying to help Stella these past few days with the lemon treatments, but she just wasn't able to clear everything out.

I hope to post another update soon letting you all know she's doing fine - so stay tuned. And in the mean time I hope all of your doggies are doing well, and my best wishes for those who aren't.
Stella's Mom


  1. hello, just found your blog while looking for info on bullies. we have an 18 months old bully boy Bruto and he probably has some allergies but no serious problems with breathing.Maybe it's because of the climate,we live in Greece on Kos island. The thing is that I can't rely on the vets here because they have no special knowledge of the breed so their answer to everything that goes wrong is "it's the breed's characteristic". I wanted to have Bruto neutered because he's becoming aggressive towards our other male(neutered) dog and their fights are ugly(I can't leave them alone anymore), but I don't want to risk my baby's life..I wish you and lovely Stella all the best and if you have any suggestions about our case I'd love to hear them. Thanks Maria

  2. Hi Maria,
    I'd say if you do have the surgery, make sure the vet who does it is prepared for potential swelling issues or airway issues during and after the surgery. Many bulldogs need tracheotomy tubes put in to assist with breathing but those heal up and can be reversed. I hear you, we haven't fixed Stella yet either, however she has developed an infection in her Uterus and ironically she is scheduled for surgery tomorrow, once her breathing is in better shape. Wish us luck, and good luck to you as well!

  3. Tkank you very much and I wish you all the best for the surgery.We will be sending positive energy to you and Stella! Maria