English Bulldogs LOVE lemons! (or they should)

Ok - so we had read online here and there about "old school" bulldog owners carrying lemon juice with them to squirt into their bulldog's mouths to help clear out the phlegm. The next time we were faced with the reality that Stella had definitely had too much activity and we were already dreading the next morning's trip to the ER - we decided to be proactive. We discussed the old lemon remedy - and decided to give it a try. We cut a fresh lemon in half length wise, dug out the seeds, and started to get Stella interested. For those of you who know English bulldogs, you know that they aren't afraid of much, and when tempted with something, they will generally build up enough courage and determination to lunge at it (at least this is what Stella does). So, after moving the lemon half back and forth in front of her face, saying "get it get it", she lunged for it, and immediately squished up her face and backed away, getting a mouth full of lemon juice. "Good Girl!!!!" we praised her, "You get that lemon!". We kept it up until she decided to make another clumsy lunge for it - grabbing for it with the side of her mouth, eye already squished closed in anticipation of the sour juice.


  1. What a sad story! But with a happy ending so far. Be sure to post your vet costs with and without insurance. You can let us know whether insurance is worth it.

  2. HI DH. Thanks for your comment. I will be updating soon with all our vet costs and the results of our attempts to get pet insurance to pay for some of her visits / surgery. Good news is that she is doing great and is a very happy bulldog!

  3. OMG its a sad story about the healty from stella with a good finish. The English Bulldog of a friend has pneumonia too.

    I will take your lemonidea in our life :-)