Happpy Dog

Amy just updated her photo website with new pictures of Stella, and just look how happy she is! You can really see the smile on her face.

The reason she is so happy in these pictures is because she is being allowed to play with "Parrot". Parrot is a stuffed toy parrot that, when squeezed, says profane things like "Show me your f&*(ing t*ts!", and "Polly wants a f*%$ing cracker!", etc. It was a gag birthday gift my friend Shane gave me - not intended for canine enjoyment. Who knew the foul talking parrot would immediately become Stella's all time favorite toy. She looks for it everywhere when she doesn't have it, and getting it away from her is a task. I don't know what it is about the parrrott that she loves, but knowing her, I like to think she enjoys attacking it cause it's such an ornery sounding thing. :)

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