Stella - Our English Bulldog's Journey

This blog is being created to share our journey with our English Bulldog Stella. We welcomed her into our life in October of 2006, and have been on a roller coaster ever since. However, the things we have discovered and she has shown us have resulted in very unusual outcomes, and we hope other bulldog owners and other dog owners will find the information useful.

Some other online resources with good English Bulldog health related info:






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  1. Thank you so much for creating this site. I found out on Monday that my 10 week old English Bulldog LuLu has pneumonia. She has been at a 24 hour vet hospital the past three days. As of this morning she started to get a bit better. She has been in an oxygen tank but now every two hours they are decreasing the levels of oxygen and she is responding well. She ate a few times thru the night with no vomiting and I guess this morning she looked like a puppy and was giving kisses. So fingers crossed she continues to recover. I wish I would have found your site a little sooner. I didn't stumble across it until Monday when I googled "my 10 week old bulldog has pneumonia" :(
    But since then your site has given me hope while helping me understand what the future could hold for her. So thank you and I hope Stella is doing well! :)