Stella's first signs of trouble

When we brought Stella home, she was a 13 week old purebred English bulldog puppy who appeared to be very healthy - minus the fleas. It was Nov. 1, 2006 - and we were very excited to welcome her to our family. By the holidays - things had definitely changed. Our healthy puppy was having all sorts of problems.

We started getting nervous when we noticed she was vomiting her food after eating, sometimes a little, sometimes the whole meal. We tried to keep her calm after eating to keep it from happening, but that didn't always work. We also noticed that she was gagging a lot - and spitting up phlem. We chalked it up to the fact that she was a "bulldog", and their anatomy wasn't exactly designed well for the breathing and eating aspects of life. However, it soon became a source of more concern.

Our first vet visit where we began to see the signs of trouble was when we took her in for some routine shots, and the vet asked us if she was having any other problems. We mentioned the vomiting, and she seemed concerned. However, she told us to switch to a milder puppy food (we went to IAMS puppy food) and keep an eye on her. With nothing more to worry about, we headed into the holiday season with a very cute but very barfy puppy.

Right before leaving town, we were again concerned by Stella's constant barfing - so another trip to the vet and this time we saw a different vet, with a different hypothesis. This time, the vet said she thought Stella might have Megaesophagus (a enlargement of one part of the esophagus) and we would have to run some tests to determine if it was the cause. We opted to see how things went over the holidays. Just one more thing to worry about.

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